Goalkeeper diving header gets Benevento first Serie A point

Benevento goalkeeper Alberto Brignoli celebrates his last-minute winner against AC Milan. (Getty)

Tiny Italian club Benevento had played 14 games in its first-ever season in Serie A. It had taken the field 14 times, and come up empty 14 times. Fourteen games, zero wins, zero draws, zero points.

Its 15th game was against AC Milan. The Italian giants looked set to deal Benevento its 15th consecutive loss. But in the fourth minute of stoppage time, the minnows from the north of Italy won a free kick. Up came goalkeeper Alberto Brignoli from the back. And …

What a header! With more or less the last touch of the game, in the fifth of five minutes of stoppage time, Brignoli launched himself at the cross, and flicked it past Gianluigi Donnarumma, the most promising young goalkeeper in Italy.

Benevento might not last more than one season in Serie A. In fact, it will almost certainly be relegated. But it will also have this moment to look back on. And what a moment it was.

Published: 2017-12-03 15:58:21

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